About Us

Our Accelerated Program is proud to be one of CPS's Regional Gifted Centers, housed here at South Loop Elementary School. Our Gifted Department has been in existence since 2003, and is known here at South Loop School as the Accelerated Program. Our Accelerated Program is an incremental part of South Loop School's personality, and its unique, diverse community.

Our Accelerated Program strives to meet students at their level of academic need, as well as provide the tools for success that will enable our students to reach their full potential. We understand the complicated and exciting personalities of our gifted and talented students, and try to incorporate that into our teaching and learning. We care about both the intellectual and the socio-emotional needs of every child here at South Loop, and always endeavor to create an atmosphere of respect, leadership, and success.

If you have further questions or want more specific information about our Accelerated Program, please contact:

Ms.Carmen Jenkins                                     crowens@cps.edu
Gifted Coordinator
South Loop Elementary School